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Main Street Memories*

"Pauline used to be a big town at one time: A livery stable, hotel, barbershop, drug store, furniture store, lumberyard, two gas stations, three grocery stores and the post office; two elevators and two depots and two stockyards, as there were quite a few cattle shippedKingston Avenue, early 1900s.Kingston Avenue, early 1900s. from Pauline. And of course we had a bank, which was a busy place. All these businesses burned down at different times. We also had a telephone office; when there was a fire in town the office would put out six long rings on the telephone and most farmers and townspeople would drive to town and stand helplessly by, watching the buildings burn. Our family saw some burn."

*From "Memories of My Childhood and Growing Up" by the late Sarah Anderson Brown. Courtesy of Marlyce Brown.

 In the News

"E. Ray Anderson, of Hastings, was a Pauline business visitor Monday." –"PAULINE", The Hastings Democrat, Thursday, March 1, 1928

"Joe Davis and D.P. Jones, of Hastings, were Pauline business visitors Wednesday afternoon." –"PAULINE", The Hastings Democrat, Thursday, March 8, 1928

A Farmers Union cream station has been opened in Pauline in the building moved to main street recently by William Moore. Mrs. Moore is in charge of the station. –"From the Leader Files," by Audrey Peil, 75 years ago, 1940;  Blue Hill Leader, Dec. 10, 2015